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5 Ways to Rank Your
New Website on Google in 2021

1. Determine whether your site is in Google’s index.

Type this at and search for the results. If you see zero results, something is wrong! You need to register an account at Google Search Console and submit your website sitemap (URL) to Google. Otherwise, request your website developer to check any technical error or policy to defend from Google crawling.

2. Help Google to understand your business.

Create unique keyword to enrich your page titles and meta descriptions to help both Google and users understand your business clearly. For example: “Welcome to MDSB Website Specialist to enhance and convert your corporate’s website development”.

3. Create valuable content and optimise it.
  • Make your site up-to-date, interesting and useful.
  • Organic or word-of-mouth buzz helps to build your site’s reputation with users and Google.
  • Understanding what your visitors want.
  • Avoid embedding text in images.
  • Create a simple navigational page for visitors.
4. Optimize website technical SEO.

Google wants to rank your website content that offers search users a positive experience. These include website security, loading speed, breadcrumb list, stunning design, and content that serve the search intent.

Check here to explore your page speed:

5. Build quality backlinks.

Getting links from quality website (up to 50 Domain Authority) and social media is crucial. Google wants to rank web pages with quality content and those from authoritative sources.


Who is MDSB

Website makes your business around the world!

MDSB, Maha Digital Sdn Bhd is a company specialize in build Corporates’ website with modern stunning design. We provide professional web design and web development since 2019 with a 10 years experiences’ team in the industry. We had served more than 1,000 clients located across Malaysia, Hong Kong, China Shenzhen, and Singapore. We believe that a stunning website can bring your goodwill among clients and prospects.

Maha Digital Sdn Bhd were appointed as a RCEP Digital Partner by We will bring more Foreign Businesses Member to “Dot Com” website, live their businesses to world!